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What are the advantages of automatic lubrication systems?

Increased efficiency

Automated lubrication is faster and more precise compared to manual lubrication. This saves you up to 100% in time and therefore costs.

Save money 

A lubrication system reduces lubricant consumption, maintenance costs, repairs to your equipment and labor time. In addition, the system usually amortizes after only a few months.

Work safety 

Accidents at work can occur especially at lubrication points that are difficult to access. Using our automatic lubrication systems, your employees are protected.

Monitoring of the system

Our systems allow complete or partial monitoring of the entire lubrication system. Expensive machine failures are reduced to a minimum.

Consistent lubrication 

Regular lubrication contributes to improved machine performance and extended component life with less lubricant consumption.


Environmental protection through exact metering of the lubricant. The risk of excess or insufficient lubrication of your equipment is minimized.

Lincoln Lubrication Pump

Automatic lubrication is essential for the maintenance of machines

Have you ever asked yourself what keeps a machine running smoothly day in, day out? The answer lies in the lubrication system. Machines are made up of different parts that constantly move and come into contact, causing friction and wear. For this reason, automatic lubrication has become an important part of machine maintenance.

Inadequate, excessive or incorrect lubrication can result in the following risks:

  • machine and plant breakdowns
  • expensive production downtime
  • reduced efficiency
  • costly repairs

FAQ about automatic lubrication

A automatic lubrication system, also referred to as a central lubrication system, is a mechanical system used in various machines and equipment to ensure continuous and automatic lubrication of moving parts with grease or oil. Automatic lubrication systems are often used in industrial applications to increase the service life of a wide variety of components. In addition, the lubrication system reduces maintenance, repair and servicing costs and contributes to shorter downtimes.

The main principle of a automatic lubrication system is to deliver lubricant from a central lubrication pump to the various lubrication points. An important difference is either the use of a consumption or circulation lubrication system.

Typical operation of an automatic lubrication system:

  • Lubricant reservoir: An automatic lubrication system contains a reservoir that holds the lubricant such as oil or grease. The reservoir is usually sufficiently dimensioned to cover the lubrication demand over a longer period of time.
  • Lubrication pump: The lubrication pump is the heart of the automatic lubrication system. It is operated either manually, electrically or pneumatically and is responsible for delivering the lubricant from the reservoir. The lubrication pump generates the necessary pressure to transport the lubricant through the lubrication system.
  • Lubrication lines: Lubrication lines lead from the outlet of the lubrication pump to the various lubrication points of the machine or system. These lines can be flexible or rigid.
  • Lubricant distributors: Lubricant distributors are located at the lubrication points to deliver the lubricant to the required points. There are different types of lubricant dispensers, such as lubricant distributors, metering devices or atomisers. These lubricators can be adjustable to regulate the amount and frequency of lubrication.

✓ Extended service life of machines, machine parts and equipment
✓ Uniform lubrication and reduced lubricant requirement
✓ Reduced maintenance costs
✓ Monitoring of the system, thus fewer machine breakdowns
✓ Increased work safety
✓ Less environmental impact

Different lubrication systems are used depending on the type of system:

– Single line system for: Machine tools, conveyor belts and chains, fans, coolers, temperature control units, packaging machines.

– Dual line system for: Steel and aluminium industry, cement plants, pulp and paper industry, mining and ore processing

– Progressive system for: Conveyor systems, lubrication in mechanical engineering, construction machinery, trucks, hydroelectric power plants & generators

– Multi-line system for: Low volume applications, automation technology, motors, pumps and compressors, construction and mining machinery

– Spray lubrication for: Pinion lubrication, Cement industry, Pelletising discs, Mining industry

– Oil lubrication for: Oil circulation lubrication, moulds, test bench technology, bearing cooling

– Chain lubrication for: Food industry, steel and aluminium industry, textile industry, wood industry

– Riding ring lubrication for rotary kilns for: manual or fully automatic lubrication of the running rings of rotary kilns with our Ring Star lubrication system

– Rail lubrication for lubrication of the rail flanks or conditioning of the rail head or running surfaces

Centralised lubrication is used in numerous systems and machines. We are the experts for your centralised lubrication system in the following areas, among others:

– Steel and aluminium industry, e.g. continuous casting plants, rolling plants, ingot moulds
– Cement industry, e.g. rotary kilns, conveyor systems
– Food industry, e.g. baking ovens, roller conveyors
– Pulp and paper industry, e.g. bearing lubrication
– Rail lubrication, e.g. flank lubrication, rail head lubrication
– Construction machinery and lorries

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Yes, automatic lubrication can also be retrofitted.

Depending on factors such as age, condition and intended use, retrofitting can be extremely profitable. Even with older machines, the investment in a central lubrication system can be profitable in the long term due to the comparatively short payback period.

A lubrication point should be lubricated regularly and with the correct amount. If lubrication is done manually by a grease gun, there are risks such as an oversupply or undersupply of lubricant or skipping a lubrication cycle, which can lead to unforeseen machine breakdowns and high repair costs, as well as causing production downtime.

To avoid these problems, an automatic central lubrication system should be installed. This allows the lubrication cycles to be matched exactly to the requirements of the bearing, ensuring an optimal amount of lubricant at the lubrication point. In addition, all lubricant outlets of the system can be monitored, which enables complete control of the system.

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Progressive distributor in central lubrication system
Progressive distributor in central lubrication system