Lubrication systems

No matter what requirements your lubrication system has to meet, we will find the best solution for you to ensure a smooth functioning of all your machines in the long term.

Single line system

Einleitung Schmiersystem
– Glass industry
– Conveyor belts and chains
– Fans, coolers, temperature control units
– Packaging machines

Dual line system

Dual Line Lubrication System
– Steel and aluminum industry
– Cement plants
– Pulp and paper industry
– Mining and ore processing

Progressive system

Progressiv Schmiersystem
– Conveyor systems
– Lubrication in mechanical engineering
– Construction machinery, trucks
– Hydroelectric power stations & generators

Multi line system

Mehrleitung Schmiersystem
– Low volume applications
– Automation technology
– Motors, pumps and compressors
– Construction and mining machinery

Spray lubrication

– Pinion lubrication
– Cement industry
– Pelletizer
– Mining industry

Oil lubrication

– Oil circulation lubrication
– Ingot molds
– Test bench technology
– Bearing cooling

Oil – air chain lubrication Air²

Öl - Luft Kettenschmierung Air²
– Steel and aluminum industry
– Food industry
– Textile industry
– Wood industry

Riding ring lubrication
Ring Star

Laufringschmierung Ring Star
– Manual riding ring lubrication
(lubrication gun)
– Automatic riding ring lubrication

Rail lubrication

Rail lubrication
– Rail flank lubrication
– Rail head conditioning
– Rail running surfaces conditioning

Customized lubrication systems

We excel in customized solutions especially in special plant engineering as well as in standardized systems. In addition to spindle lubrication pumps or high-pressure pump stations, we also offer reel distributors and much more.


Spindle lubrication pump


Reel distributor

Spindle lubrication pump

Spindle lubrication pump

Reel distributor

Reel distributor