Chain lubrication

In order to keep the wear of a chain as small as possible, the friction between the chain link plate and the chain pin must be reduced by an automatic lubrication system. Insufficient lubrication can lead to rapid wear and ultimately to the failure of the chain, which will result in costly production downtimes.

Depending on the application, different systems for chain lubrication are possible. Especially in the food sector, it is worth taking a closer look at our proven AIR² oil-air lubrication system for mist-free application of the lubricant. For simpler applications, we also have chain lubrication systems with PU foam strips in our product range. Compared to systems with bristles or brushes, this type of lubrication achieves a longer service life.

Chain lubrication
Rail Lubrication

Rail lubrication

In order to reduce the noise emission as well as the wear of wheels, rails and switches, it is advisable to consider rail lubrication at highly stressed points. Due to the shifting of weight in curves, the wheels of trains tend to give off a lot of friction to the rails and thus significantly increase wear. With our rail lubrication systems, a fine film of grease is applied along the rail. Wear is significantly reduced and the annoying noise pollution is also reduced to a minimum.